Liverpool vs London: A Detailed City Comparison

Liverpool vs London

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Are you wondering which city is more affordable and best for your next journey or lifestyle? Is it London or Liverpool? If you are trying to make a decision on which one to visit, you’re at the right place. We are going to cover the differences between these two cities, although both of them are fantastic and have a lot to offer.

London is a cosmopolitan, multicultural, and historic metropolis. It is a large city with a ton of attractions and things to do, which attracts many tourists. It can easily beat New York, a magnificent and world-renowned city in categories like culture, green spaces, safety, and weather. One of the main attractions for tourists at this location is its beauty. Additionally, don't overlook the theater, museums, and nightlife.

Liverpool, on the other hand, although smaller, is a diversified, attractive, and fun port city. Excellent theaters, museums, and nightlife are also available.

Let’s find out which of these two cities is cheaper to live in or visit, where the weather is better, which one is easier to get around, and much more!

Liverpool vs London: What Is the Difference?

When we talk about their differences, we will start with what is very important to most people, which is the cost of living.

London is much more expensive to live in than Liverpool but certainly offers much greater business opportunities. It is a bigger city, with more inhabitants and a higher average salary of $4,326.51, while in Liverpool it is $2,653.16. Also, the English capital has a much larger number of universities.

See detailed information on the differences below.

Cost of Living: Liverpool vs London

Liverpool has a 49% lower cost of living than London. Cities ranked 2698th and 65th ($1498 vs. $2759) among the world's most expensive cities, and 121st and 2nd in the United Kingdom

Below is a comparison of some of the most important costs of living in these two cities.

Cost of living in Liverpool

Liverpool Living Costs
One-person rent
Family rent
Utility Bill for one person
Utility Bill for a family
Food expenses
Dinner in a restaurant for 2
Transport expenses

The Winner: Liverpool

Cost of living in London

London Living Costs
One-person rent
Family rent
Utility Bill for one person
Utility Bill for a family
Food expenses
Dinner in a restaurant for 2
Transport expenses

Liverpool vs London Crime Rates

The general crime rate in London is 87 offences per 1,000 people, with violent and sexual offenses being the most common, affecting approximately 27 out of 1,000 citizens. In comparison to the rest of the UK, London's crime rate is 9% higher than the national average of 79.52 per 1,000 people.

Westminster is the most dangerous of London's boroughs. Kensington and Chelsea are the next most unsafe, and Camden is the third most dangerous. Richmond upon Thames is the safest borough in London, followed by Harrow in second place and Bexley in third place.

Liverpool has an overall crime rate of 128 offenses per 1,000 people. It is the most hazardous city in Merseyside and the third most dangerous large city in all of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (with an overall crime rate that is 22% higher than the average crime rate in Merseyside). In Liverpool, sexual offenses and violent acts are the most common crimes.

The Winner: London

Getting Around London vs Liverpool: Public Transportation Comparison

In Liverpool as in London, public transport is affordable. Passengers can use taxis, trams, and subways. However, transport prices vary a lot. In Liverpool, the average price of a monthly ticket for local transport is almost twice as cheap as in London. Taxis also cost less.

Although the London underground train is one of the best in the country, it is always very crowded, making it unsuitable for tourists. Both cities have well-developed airport traffic.

The Winner: London

Museums and Historical Sights: Which City Has More Attractions?

Despite the fact that Liverpool has been declared the European Capital of Culture, London is still ahead in this regard

London has many popular attractions for visitors, including numerous landmarks, attractions, and museums. The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the British Museum are just a few of the city's most famous sights.

Although to a lesser extent than London, Liverpool also has something to offer lovers of museums and other recognizable landmarks. The Walker Art Gallery, Victoria Gallery, Tate Liverpool, International Slavery Museum, and Merseyside Maritime Museum are a few of the city's well-known museums. Also worth mentioning is the part of the city called the Baltic Triangle, which is an alternative, artistic area full of street art, vintage shopping, and music

The Winner: London

Theater Scene in London vs Liverpool

In both London and Liverpool, there are theater venues available.

London's theater scene is top-notch. The most popular musicals can be found in the West End theater district. There are numerous well-known theaters - Apollo Theatre, Palace Theatre, and Piccadilly Theatre.

Liverpool's theatrical scene is diversified, with huge halls hosting world-renowned performances as well as smaller, local venues hosting little shows.

The Winner: London

London Or Liverpool: Which One Has a Better Food Scene?

Foodies will appreciate the eating selections in London more than in Liverpool.

The University of Manchester is a well-known Russell group university that is ranked 35 internationally.

There are many nationally known food establishments and restaurants in London. It should be noted that London's restaurant scene has really made huge strides in the last few years, so it's possible to find a variety of food all over the city.

Liverpool has numerous simple restaurants. There are several well-known local foods, including scouse (a pork stew), toad in the hole (a large Yorkie packed with British sausages), and wet nelly (a dessert). Baltic Market is known as the place to find great street food in this city.

The Winner: London

Liverpool vs London Weather: What Is the Difference?

  • Liverpool is 223 miles northwest of London and they are in the same time zone.
  • Liverpool has a colder climate than London. The average mean temperature in Liverpool is 11.03°C (51.85°F), while the average mean temperature in London is 12.17°C (53.91°F), with a difference of 1.14°C (34.05°F).
  • Liverpool is warmest in July, with daytime temperatures reaching 17.26°C (63.07°F). July is also the warmest month in London, with an average high temperature of 19.93°C (67.87°F).
  • The coldest month in Liverpool is February, when the average low temperature is 3.05°C (37.49°F), while the coldest month in London is January, when the nighttime temperature frequently falls below 2.34°C (36.21°F).
  • Liverpool receives around 1.45 times more precipitation than London (Liverpool - 73.48mm vs. London - 50.85mm).

The Winner: London

Entertainment, Music, and Nightlife: Who Does It Better?

Both cities have an excellent offer of live music.

London attracts musicians from all over the world. The Dominion Theatre, the Roundhouse, and Dublin Castle are among the well-known concert venues. Party lovers should not miss the capital city of England. Camden, Westend, Soho, and Shoreditch are top areas for nightlife.

Liverpool's music scene is amazing. The city has been recognized as the capital of rock and pop music and is best known as the birthplace of the Beatles. The Beatles are only a small part of the tradition. There's the famous Mathew Street, the Echo Arena, and some of the best live music nights in the North West. Liverpool also hosts a number of major festivals, including Sound City, LIMF, and Fusion. The nightlife here is exciting and varied. The comedy clubs Ropewalks and Seel Street on the waterfront are suggested for people seeking a swanky experience. The best place for a late-night party is Cavern Quarter.

The Winner: Liverpool

Is London or Liverpool Better for Shopping?

Numerous people travel to London, especially to shop. Choosing where to go can be difficult because the city is filled with famous stores. For a truly British experience, visitors are recommended to visit Oxford Street, Regent Street, or Piccadilly Circus.

Liverpool is also a very popular destination for shoppers. The best shopping in the city can be found at Liverpool ONE. This is the UK's largest open-air shopping mall, with a mix of brand names and independent sellers.

The Winner: London

Is London Or Liverpool More Family-Friendly Destination?

Kid-friendly activities can be found in both Liverpool and London.

London is a great city for families. A Harry Potter tour, a ride on the London Eye, or afternoon tea are just a few of the things available to children in the city. There are also plenty of excellent playgrounds and toy stores to discover.

Liverpool offers a number of museums and play areas that are ideal for families. Pleasureland, an amusement park with rides suitable for small children, is a popular family activity.

The Winner: London

Which Destination Is Better for Couples?

London has more romantic activities than Liverpool. This city is the ideal destination for couples because it offers every kind of entertainment that you can imagine.

Liverpool is a solid destination for couples. The city is fun, and going to a dance, dinner, or show are some of the fun activities for couples.

The Winner: London

Which City Is Better for Students?

Both cities are excellent destinations for students to visit. London has a much larger number of universities - 21 while Liverpool has only 3.

Students visit London from all around the world. The city is home to many universities and is a popular study-abroad location. It's also a fairly diverse city, so international students will perfectly fit in.

Liverpool is an excellent place for students to explore. The city is diversified, reasonably priced, and has a good academic environment. International students will be welcomed and will have a great time in a vibrant city with a lot to offer.

The Winner: London

London vs Liverpool: Pros and Cons

Below are the key pros and cons for both cities.

London Pros

  • Popular historical places and museums;
  • Famous for its gastronomy and food;
  • Excellent for romance and couples;
  • Reliable public transportation;
  • Lots of city activities;
  • Getting a job is simple.

Liverpool Pros

  • Amazing music scene;
  • The city center is compact – allowing visitors to easily walk around and explore the different areas;
  • It is a lot cheaper than London;
  • Very good rail connections to other cities;
  • Location Liverpool is ideally placed in England's North West. Its location makes it easy to travel to several attractive locations, including Manchester, Chester, North Wales, York, and the Lake District.

London Cons

  • High cost of living
  • Unsafe for lone travelers;
  • Dirty parts of the city.

Liverpool Pros

  • Gang assaults;
  • Less usable public transport;
  • Less historical sites and museums.

Liverpool vs London Comparison: The Takeaway

Liverpool and London are both wonderful. Which city is better to visit and live in is up to you t decide. You may have a better lifestyle and more money in Liverpool because the prices are lower. However, despite having some of the highest living expenses in the world, London is a stunning city with a rich history and a vast variety of things to do.

Written by Abisola Fikayomi

Abisola is an accomplished writer interested in US Travel, immigration, passports and visas. She’s passionate about exploring new places and cultures and willing to share her experiences, expertize and findings with others. That is her primary drive for specialising in this industry.


No, Liverpool is a smaller city than London.
Liverpool is better than London in the following ways: prices are significantly lower, there is a better music scene, and it is easier to function and move around the city given that it is smaller.
The cost of living in Liverpool is 49% less expensive than in London. Liverpool is 2654th and London is 34th on the list of the most expensive cities in the world.
Yes, Liverpool is much cheaper than London.

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