Applying for ESTA as a Group or Family: A Step-by-step guide

Application for Group and Family

When you are travelling to the US as a family, or other type of group, it will make it easier for you to apply for them all at the same time. This will ensure that the dates for renewal and the dates that you get confirmation are the same, provided that none of the applications are delayed for some reason. You can use the same email address to apply for all applicants, so that all ESTA correspondence for the group is being sent to the same place and you can easily access updates.
To apply for ESTA for a group or family, simply click on the Apply for Group ESTA button. You will then be required to enter the details for the first applicant, including personal details, passport details and eligibility questions. You will need to have all of the applicants' passports to enable you to provide the relevant information. If you're travelling on your own or submitting an application solely for yourself, try the individual application.

Step 1 – Personal and Travel Information

  • In this section you are asked to complete your name, gender, birth date, place of birth, parents' names, your contact information, employment details and emergency contact information.
  • Next you will need to complete details regarding your travel plans, starting with a point of contact in the US which can be a friend or relative, or the details of the hotel that you are staying at.
  • This section also requires your passport information including your passport number, date of issue, citizenship and country of issue.
  • The next part in this section is a set of questions related to health and also criminal convictions and other questions that will determine your eligibility to be granted an ESTA.
esta US applicationesta US application

Step 2 – Check and Confirm Your Details

Making an error or answering false information can lead to your ESTA being denied. Whilst some details can be updated once you have submitted your ESTA application, most details will require a completely new ESTA application to be submitted using the correct details.
Therefore, it is really important that you check your details are correct, so spend time to read through your answers and cross-reference your passport information to ensure that everything you have answered is correct. Once you are fully happy that all of the details are accurate, you can confirm them.
esta personal detailsesta personal details

Step 3 – Choose Your Payment Method and Pay

You must make the payment for your ESTA in order for the application to be submitted and processed. Make sure that you have a valid credit or debit card to enable you to make the payment. You can find out more about the acceptable types of payment in the FAQs.
Once your payment is successfully submitted, the application will then get processed and you should receive confirmation it has been submitted, followed by an email to inform you if it has been approved.

Completing the group application

After you have completed the first ESTA, go back to the Apply for Group ESTA button and repeat the process for the next applicant, making the payment before then applying for additional applicants.
esta payment detailsesta payment details
It is important to complete all of the information that is marked with an asterisk as this information is compulsory. Also, take care not to make any mistakes with your group application, as this can result in your ESTA being denied or delayed.
completing the ESTA applicationcompleting the ESTA application

Applying for ESTA on behalf of someone else

When you are applying on behalf of another person, you must specify on the application what your relationship is to the applicant but it is fine to apply on behalf of family, or anyone else.
There is some criteria that you must follow when you are completing an ESTA application on somebody else's behalf, which you can read in the FAQ – Can a third party fill out my ESTA application for me?

Checking the status of group applications

You can check the status of any of the ESTA applications by using the unique reference number that is provided by email. By submitting them all at the same time, you should find it easier to track the progress of each member of the group, using the same email address in the contact details. If you do NOT know the Application Number of the applicant that you want to add to the group of applications, you will need more information.
If you are struggling to understand anything in the form, or want to check that you are completing it correctly then it will help to use the ESTA Application: A Step-by-Step Guide.