Applying for ESTA as a Group or Family: A Step-by-step guide

This page will show you how to complete the ESTA group of applications section

When you arrive to the homepage of the ESTA website, you will see a box on the right side of the screen that displays the words ‘OFFICIAL ESTA APPLICATION’, there will be two options inside that box, ‘NEW APPLICATION’ & ‘CHECK EXISTING APPLICATION’.
If you want to apply for your ESTA for the first time or you already had an ESTA which has since expired, you will click ‘NEW APPLICATION’.
Homepage of official ESTA application website with new and existing application buttons

Application for Group and Family

After you have clicked ‘NEW APPLICATION’, the page will shift down to where the ESTA applications begin. There, you will be presented with two options.
Section of page indicating group of ESTA applications button on the right
If you’re travelling on your own or submitting an application solely for yourself, you can click ‘INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION

Security Notification

ESTA security notification text with a confirm and continue button and a cancel and exit button
Make sure to read this notice before you accept.
After clicking on ‘Application for Group or Family’ - you will see a ‘SECURITY NOTIFICATION’. Ensure you thoroughly read through the security notification before you proceed.
The security notification details that you will be accessing a US Government property and you consent to the terms in notice.
Once you have read through the notification and you are satisfied with the information presented to you, click ‘CONFIRM AND CONTINUE’.
If you do not agree with the information that the security notification provides, click on the box that states “CANCEL & EXIT” and you will not proceed.

Group Contact Information

  • All information should be completed in English.
  • You can pay for up to 50 applicants with a single payment.
  • The persons in the group do not have to travel together.
  • After completing the group application, an email will be sent to the dedicated email address with a group ID.
  • The contact person must be 18 years or older.
If you leave the application page at any time, the application will not be saved and you will have to start from the beginning.
Information you will be asked for at the first stage of the ESTA ‘group of applications’ section
Group contact information form
Ensure to complete the all of the required fields. All fields that have a red asterisk * are required.
Press ‘CONTINUE’ to move onto the next stage.
If you do not press continue, the application will time out and you will have to start again.

Your Group Information

After you have clicked continue on the ‘Group Contact Information’ page, you will arrive at the ‘Your Group Information’ section. From there, you can download the information provided into a PDF format or you can print that page. It’s advised that you take note of the information displayed.
This information is vital for checking the status of a group application and pay the application fees. The application will not be processed until the application has been paid for.
Page displaying your ESTA group information form
This page contains all of your group information - take note of your group ID.
‘YOUR APPLICATION for Group or Family’ What do I do next?
Click ‘Add New Application’ to start the process for a new application. You can find out howto complete each new application here.
Alternatively, you can select ‘Add Unpaid Application’. This means you can add a person or personsto a group of applicants if they have not yet paid for their application form.
After selecting ‘Add Unpaid Application’, you will be summoned to this page…
How will I be notified of the status of my application?
An email is not sent out when you are approved or denied for ESTA, you must check the status of your application on the ESTA “Check existing application” page.

Add Unpaid Application (Group or Family)

Next, you will land onto the ‘Retrieve Individual Application’ section of the application.
There will be two options presented to you.
Page for adding unpaid application to ESTA group applicationPage to retrieve individual ESTA application using application number
If you know the application number for the applicant that you want to your group of applications, simply input the Passport Number, Date of Birth and the Application Number of that application.
Following on from this, you will be able to add the applicant to your group of applicants and pay for their ESTA application.
The last step then is to check the status of the application. Applications can take up to 72 hours to be processed.
I Do NOT Know the Application Number
Unknown application number form for ESTA
If you do NOT know the Application Number of the applicant that you want to add to the group of applications, you will need more information. Check your ESTA status on the homepage, and input your family name, first name, and passport issuing country, in addition to to your passport number and date of birth. This will let you access your application.