The US Immigration System

The US immigration system is the US government’s method of monitoring who enters the US and on what terms, with the priority of ensuring the country’s security and protecting the working opportunities for US citizens. There are many different elements of the immigration system, with the visa requirements and acceptance criteria forming the basis of restricting who enters the US based on the purpose of their visit.
The US government’s US Customs and Border Protection department is responsible for developing and maintaining the rules around border control and that includes the requirements under each visa, such as working visas, ESTA (VWP) countries and lots of other visa restrictions and eligibility rules. The sections below provide more details on how the system works.
Immigration, Customs and Boarding for International Travel to USA
The Benefits of the US Immigration Visa
US Immigration for Family Members


Retiring to USA from UK

Many UK citizens have dreams to retire in another country, some choosing to retire to warmer areas of Europe and others want to retire further away, such as in the US.

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