Travel Insurance for UK visitors to the USA

If you are planning a trip to the USA then there are a number of different factors that you must consider. For example, you must acquire some form of visa to visit the US, or as a UK citizen you are eligible to apply for an ESTA, which provides travel authorization for a period of up to 90 days.

Another important consideration is travel insurance, because if you should need medical attention whilst in the USA, it is not free like the NHS is in the UK. So, if you are thinking about visiting the USA, you should get quotes for travel insurance first and get arrangements in place before you depart.
Travel insurance covers a range of different elements from insuring your luggage in case it is lost, through to the expense of transporting you to hospital in an emergency and the medical care you would require. Whilst it is unlikely that you will have an emergency whilst in the USA, unfortunately if you were to have an accident you would be required to pay for medical treatment. If you don’t have insurance in place to cover the associated expenses then you will need to pay it yourself.
Medical care is incredibly expensive, with costs for being taken in an ambulance and examined by doctorsusually running into thousands of dollars. If you get travel insurance as part of your bank account benefits package, it is important to read through the details to check exactly what you are covered for. You might find that medical treatment is covered in the USA but costs for evacuation (ambulance, air lift etc.) is not covered. These costs can turn out to be very expensive, so you don’t really want to risk not being covered for these costs.
There are many different companies that offer travel insurance for UK visitors to the USA. The costs of the insurance will vary massively depending on factors like the activities you will be doing on your trip. If you are planning on participating in a sport like skiing where there is a higher risk of injury, then you will find that this will be reflected in your insurance premium. Other sports that are usually classed as extreme sports include canoeing, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing and skydiving. If you do take part in any of these kinds of activities, make sure that you have arranged adequate insurance to cover the possibility of injury.
Other factors that affect the cost of travel insurance include your age and your medical history, your destination and length of trip. It is important to note that if you omit any information regarding pre-existing medical conditions, your policy could become void. Travel insurance tends to cost more for older travellers, as the likelihood of developing an illness increases as people get older.
One of the other costs that you will want to make sure that you have insurance cover for is the cancellation of the trip, including flights and accommodation that would be lost if the trip was cancelled for medical or other reasons. One of the best ways to get a good travel insurance quote is to use a comparison site that lists everything that you are covered for and compares all of the prices across the insurance market.

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