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ESTA for Chilean Citizens

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Chile became a member of the Visa Waiver Program in 2014, making it one of the more recent countries to join. As a result, citizens of Chile can currently enjoy the benefits of applying for an ESTA instead of a visa.

ESTA Requirements and Important Information

  • The applicant must have a biometric passport
  • Valid for two years,or until passport expires if sooner
  • For use on trips of no more than 90 days
  • Use on multiple visits to the US whilst valid
  • Required if travelling to US by air or sea
  • For tourism, business, medical or transit
  • Children require their own individual ESTA
Application for Chilean Citizens

Benefits of Applying for ESTA for Chilean Citizens

Citizens of Chile can use the ESTA to visit the US, which offers a significantly cheaper and faster alternative to a visa. For Chilean citizens who want to visit the US for business meetings or conferences, or just for tourism to visit any of the great US sates, an ESTA is a very convenient form of travel authorization.

Applying for a US visa can take weeks, or even months, whilst an ESTA will usually be processed in a day, or even less in many cases. It is worth noting that whilst ESTA is usually processed very quickly, it is recommended that applications are submitted at least 72 hours prior to travelling to the US.

Obtaining and ESTA enables a traveller from a VWP country to visit the US multiple times, for visits of up to 90 days maximum at a time. The same ESTA can be used again and again whilst it is valid, provided that the passport it is linked to is also still valid. If the passport expires, a new ESTA must be applied for when another US trip is planned, as it cannot be transferred to the new passport.

How Chilean Citizens Can Apply for ESTA

Applying for the ESTA is easy and just requires the completion of an online form that should take less than 20 minutes to fill in. The form includes details such as name, address, date of birth and also passport details. There is also a set of eligibility questions including criminal convictions and medical details.

Any kind of error can cause the ESTA application to get declined, so Chilean citizens applying for ESTA should take care to check all of the details that they provide in their form to avoid any mistakes. If the ESTA is declined then this could delay or even prevent your visit to the US.

What to do when ESTA is Declined

Depending on the reason for your ESTA getting declined, you might still be able to get travel authorization for a trip to the US. If the decline was due to an error on the application form, you should be able to re-apply by filling in another ESTA application form. If it is for another reason, you could still apply for a US visa instead, attending an interview at the US Embassy in Chile.

Address of US Embassy in Chile

Av. Andrés Bello 2800
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile 7550006

Benefits of ESTA for Chilean citizens:
  • Faster processing than visa
  • Use for multiple US visits
  • For business, tourism, medical and transit purposes
  • Easy and fast to complete application form
  • Use mobile or desktop to submit application
  • Can be used for visits to US up to 90 days long

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