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ESTA for Estonian Citizens

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Estonia has been a member of the Visa Waiver Program since 2008 and since becoming members of the VWP, Estonian citizens are now able to apply for an ESTA, which is much simpler than applying for a US visa.

ESTA Requirements and Important Information

Before applying for an ESTA make sure that you are aware of the following criteria and requirements:

  • A biometric passport is required
  • Use for trips of up to 90 days maximum
  • Travel authorisation is mandatory to visit the US
  • Children of all ages require their own ESTA
  • An ESTA is valid for two years, or until the passport expires
  • It can be used for multiple visits to the US whilst valid
  • Travel reasons include business, tourism, medical or transit
Application for ESTA for Estonian Citizens

Why Estonian Citizens Should Apply for ESTA

Citizens of Estonia have many benefits to gain from applying for an ESTA instead of applying for US visa. For example, it is much quicker to apply for an ESTA than it is for US visa. Applying for a US visa requires an interview at the US embassy, and it could typically take weeks or even months to get processed. In comparison, applying for an ESTA can be done in about 20 minutes, with a response usually coming back within one day.

If an ESTA is approved, the traveller can use that same ESTA for multiple visits to the US for business and tourism, whilst the ESTA is still valid. Usually an ESTA will be valid for two years, or if the applicant’s passport expires before those two years are over, it will expire when the passport expires.

Another key benefit of applying for an ESTA for citizens of Estonia is that it costs less than applying for US visa.

The ESTA Application Process for Estonian Citizens

To apply for an ESTA, citizens of Estonia simply need to complete the online form. Completing the form is very quick and the applicant must provide information such as name, address, date of birth, parents’ details and passport details. There are also some questions regarding health and criminal activity, which must be completed as part of the eligibility criteria.

Once all of the information has been completed the applicant should check through all of the details to make sure there are no mistakes. The next step is to make the payment using a bank card and then submit the application. A response will be sent to the email address that the applicant provides.

My ESTA was Declined, What Can I Do?

In the event that your ESTA gets declined, you can resubmit another ESTA application if it may have been due to an error. Your alternative option is to apply for a US visa through the embassy.

US Embassy Address in Estonia

U.S. Embassy Tallinn
Kentmanni 20
15099 Tallinn, Estonia

ESTA Benefits:
  • Fast processing time
  • Valid for US trips up to 90 days
  • Short application form
  • Use for business, tourism, medical or transit
  • Whilst valid, can be used for multiple trips to the US
  • Complete form by mobile or desktop

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