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ESTA for Greek Citizens

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Greece joined the Visa Waiver Program in 2010, which currently enables citizens of Greece to apply for an ESTA rather than the more complicated process of applying for US visa.

ESTA Requirements and Important Information

  • Can be used for multiple visits to the US whilst valid
  • Children of all ages require their own ESTA
  • Travellers can stay in the US for up to 90 days with an ESTA
  • Use for tourism, business, transit or medical purposes but not employment
  • ESTA is electronically linked to the holder’s passport
  • Valid for two years or until the passport expires
Application for ESTA for Greek Citizens

Benefits of Applying for ESTA for Greek Citizens

Greek citizens are able to enjoy a much easier process of obtaining travel authorisation for a visit to the US that is for tourism, business, medical or transit purposes. Whilst a US Visa can take several weeks to process, the ESTA can be processed in less than a day. However, this is not always the case, so it is recommended that applicants leave at least 72 hours before they travel when they apply for their ESTA.

Another key benefit of applying for an ESTA rather than a US visa is that it is cheaper and you do not have to attend an interview at the US embassy. When an ESTA is approved it is valid for two years or up until the passport it is linked to expires. During that period of validity, the ESTA can be used for multiple visits to the US.

The whole application process is completed online with confirmation being sent by email once the application has been submitted and the application fee paid.

How Greek Citizens Can Apply for ESTA

Greek citizens can easily apply for an ESTA by completing the online form from the website. They will be required to answer several sets of questions, such as name, address, date of birth and details regarding their parents. They will also need to answer some questions related to any criminal activity, medical history and whether they have visited certain countries.

Citizens of Greece simply need to have a biometric passport, a valid email address and a card that they can make the application fee payment with. Once they have completed all of the questions including the passport information, applicants should check all of the details they provided for any mistakes. Any errors on the application are likely to result in it getting declined, so it should be checked several times before submitting the form.

What to do if ESTA is Declined

If the ESTA does get declined, the applicant may still be able to obtain travel authorisation to go to the US. If there is a possibility that there was a mistake on the original application, they can try resubmitting a second application, paying the fee again. The other alternative is to apply for US visa by arranging an interview at the US embassy.

US Embassy Address in Greece

U.S. Embassy Greece
91 Vasilisis Sophias Ave
10160 Athens, Greece

Benefits of ESTA for Greek Citizens:
  • Quick processing
  • Application form is short and fast to fill in
  • Can be used to visit US multiple times whilst valid
  • Valid for two years
  • Can be used for stays in US of up to 90 days
  • Costs less than a US visa application

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