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ESTA for Italian Citizens

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Italy joined the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) in 1989, meaning that Italian citizens have been able to apply for an ESTA instead of a US visa since the ESTA was introduced. The process of applying for an ESTA is much simpler than applying for a visa, which is one of the many benefits for citizens of Italy.

ESTA Requirements and Important Information

  • Can be used for tourism, business, medical or transit
  • Restricted to US visits of up to 90 days in total
  • Requires a valid, biometric passport
  • Issued for two years, or until passport expires
  • Children must have their own ESTA
  • Can be used for multiple visits to the US
  • Required for travellers who are flying or arriving by sea to the US
Application for Italian Citizens

Benefits of Applying for ESTA for Italian Citizens

Italian citizens can visit the US using the ESTA as travel authorization, saving time and money compared to the process for applying for a visa. Citizens from countries that are not members of the VWP have to pay a higher application fee for a visa and also need to attend an interview at the US Embassy.

When citizens of Italy apply for an ESTA, the online form takes less than 20 minutes to complete and the processing time will usually be less than 72 hours, often much less. You receive the response regarding the status of your ESTA by email, so the whole process is done electronically with no need to travel to an Embassy, or post documents etc.

One of the additional great advantages of obtaining an ESTA is that you are able to use it for multiple trips to the US during its validity. When an ESTA is approved it will be valid for two years, unless your passport expires before that. If your passport expires, you would need to apply for a new ESTA to link to your new passport, you cannot transfer your existing ESTA onto a new passport.

How Italian Citizens Can Apply for ESTA

The application process is simple, citizens from Italy just need a valid passport, email address and a card for payment of the application fee. The form requires the completion of information such as name, address, Date of Birth, as well as medical questions and criminal records. The Department of Homeland Security screens each traveller entering the US to determine whether they pose a security risk and the ESTA forms part of that process.

Once the form has been filled in, it is important that the applicant carefully checks all of the information that they have provided. If there is an error on the form, this is likely to lead to the application getting declined, which could affect the applicant’s travel plans.

What to do if ESTA is Declined

If the ESTA has been declined because you made a mistake when completing it, then you may be able to re-apply for an ESTA with the correct details, paying the application fee again. If the ESTA application is declined for another reason then you could apply for a US visa instead, but will need to attend an interview at the US Embassy. You will also need to complete a DS-160 form and pay the visa application fee.

The US Embassy address in Italy is:

U.S. Embassy Rome
via Vittorio Veneto 121
00187 Roma

Benefits of ESTA for Italian citizens:
  • Quick processing time
  • Use for US visits for tourism, business, medical or transit
  • Valid for trips to US of up to 90 days
  • Application is fast to complete
  • Fill in form via mobile or desktop
  • Use for multiple visits to US

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