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ESTA for Lithuanian Citizens

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Lithuania joined the Visa Waiver Program in 2008, enabling the citizens of Lithuania to apply for an electronic system for travel authorisation (ESTA) for when they wish to travel to the US for business or tourism purposes. There are many benefits of doing this as opposed to applying for a US visa.

ESTA Requirements and Important Information

  • The ESTA is valid for up to 2 years and can be used multiple times whilst valid
  • Applicant must have a valid biometric passport
  • Travel authorisation such as ESTA or a Visa must be obtained for travel to US
  • Limited to a total of 90 days stay in the US at one time
  • For tourism, business, medical and transit purposes only
  • Applicants will be screened by Department of Homeland Security
Application for ESTA for Lithuanian Citizens

Benefits of Applying for ESTA for Lithuanian Citizens

Citizens of Lithuania stand to benefit in many ways through the easier process of applying for an ESTA rather than the more complicated process of applying for a US Visa. To start with, it is much quicker to obtain an ESTA than it is to obtain a US Visa, with the application and confirmation for ESTA usually being completed within 24 hours. The alternative is applying for a US Visa which involves an interview at the US embassy and can take weeks or even months for the process to be complete.

Another big benefit of using an ESTA for travelling to the US is that the same ESTA can be used for multiple trips to the country whilst the ESTA remains valid. The ESTA is electronically linked to the applicant’s passport and will stay valid for two years or until the passport that it is linked to expires, which ever date arrives soonest.

The application form for the ESTA is also much shorter than the application form for the US Visa and typically takes around 10 minutes to complete the form. The entire application process is all done digitally, which makes it much quicker.

How Lithuanian Citizens Can Apply for ESTA

Citizens of Lithuania can easily apply for their ESTA by completing the online application form on the website. Before doing so, the applicant will need to have a valid biometric passport, a valid email address and a card to make the application fee payment with.

The applicant will then need to answer a series of questions including name, address, date of birth, parents’ details and other questions used to determine eligibility for an ESTA. They will also be required to answer questions related to any criminal convictions, medical history and travel to certain countries.

Once all details have been completed the applicant should check through the information that they have provided to make sure they have not made any mistakes. If there is a mistake on the application, then this can cause it to get refused and could even disrupt their travel plans.

What to do if ESTA is Declined

If the ESTA is declined then the applicant does have some options left, the first option is to resubmit the application if an error was made on the original application. The other option that is available is to apply for a US visa instead, which will require a visit to the US Embassy in Lithuania.

US Embassy in Lithuania

U.S. Embassy Vilnius
Akmenų g. 6
Vilnius, Lithuania

Benefits of ESTA for Lithuanian Citizens:
  • Fast processing time
  • Use ESTA multiple times
  • Form is quick to fill in
  • Can be used for US visits of up to 90 days
  • Entire process is digital
  • Cheaper application fee than visa
  • No need to visit US Embassy

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