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ESTA for Norwegian Citizens

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Norway became a member of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) in 1991, providing Norwegian citizens with the opportunity to apply for an ESTA instead of a visa for business or tourism trips to the US. This is an easier and faster process of obtaining travel authorization for visits to the US.

ESTA Requirements and Important Information

  • Limited to a maximum 90 days stay in US•Requires a valid, biometric passport
  • Valid for two years or until passport expires (if sooner)
  • Can be used for tourism, business, medical or transit purposes
  • Children to have their own ESTA
  • Same ESTA can be used for multiple visits to the US
  • Required for travellers either flying or arriving by sea to the US
Application for Norwegian Citizens

Benefits of Applying for ESTA for Norwegian Citizens

Citizens of Norway can benefit from the use of an ESTA to visit the US. The application process is much faster than applying for a visa and an ESTA is valid for two years (or when the passport expires). Within that period of validity, citizens of Norway are able to make multiple trips to the US using the same ESTA, providing that they do not stay in the US for longer than 90 days at a time.

When you apply for a visa, you must complete a long form and attend an interview at the US Embassy. With an ESTA, your application can take just 10 minutes and is submitted online and you will receive your response by email, with no requirement to attend the US Embassy.

If you make regular trips from Norway to US for business or to visit family then the ESTA is the ideal option, as you are able to apply for another ESTA once your original one expires, unlike visas which are usually restricted on how many times you can apply for one.

How Norwegian Citizens Can Apply for ESTA

To apply for an ESTA, you require a valid passport and you will also need a card to make the payment for the application fee. The form requires information such as your passport details, so you will need to have that with you when you complete the form. Other sections include personal information, travel plans and questions regarding any criminal convictions and your medical history.

Once you have completed the form, you should double check all of the information you have provided, as any errors could result in your ESTA application getting declined. Once you finish the form, you pay the application fee by card and then submit the application. You provide an email address for the correspondence related to your application to be sent to and you will get an email to provide the decision of whether your application has been approved. If you receive a response that states your application has been declined, you may need to apply for a visa instead.

US Embassy in Norway

Norwegian citizens who have their ESTA application declined can apply for a visa by completing a DS-160 form for a trip to the US. The visa application process involves an interview at the US Embassy in Norway. The details of the address are:

US Embassy Oslo
Morgedalsvegen 36
0378 Oslo

The postal address for the Norway US Embassy is:

U.S. Embassy Oslo
PO Box 4075 AMB
0244 Oslo

Benefits of ESTA for Norwegian citizens:
  • Processing is fast
  • For travel purposes - tourism, business, medical or transit
  • For stays in US of up to 90 days
  • Quick to complete application
  • Use mobile or desktop to complete form
  • Use for multiple visits to US

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