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Slovenia joined the Visa Waiver Program in 1997. As a consequence of this, citizens of Slovenia are now entitled to apply for an ESTA as their travel authorisation to visit the US, instead of the longer, more complex process of applying for a US Visa.

ESTA Requirements and Important Information

  • Can be used for tourism, business, transit, medical purposes
  • The same ESTA can be used for multiple visits
  • Children must have their own ESTA
  • ESTA is required when travelling to the US by the sea or by air
  • Remains valid for two years (or until the passport expires)
  • Can be used for visits to the US of a maximum 90 days stay
Application for Slovenian Citizens

Benefits of Applying for ESTA for Slovenian Citizens

With Slovenia being a member of the Visa Waiver Program, citizens of Slovenia are able to benefit from being eligible to apply for an ESTA as travel authorisation to the US. The key benefits of this, include a much faster processing time and a cheaper application fee. An ESTA application form takes no more than 20 minutes to fill in, then once it has been submitted a response will normally be received within 24 hours. It can occasionally take longer than this, so it is advised that applicants send their application at least 72 hours before they intend to travel to the US.

The ESTA application process is all completed digitally, and there is no need for the applicant to attend an interview at the US embassy, as is the case when applying for US Visa. This obviously means that it is much quicker to complete the full process. When an ESTA is approved, it gets automatically electronically linked to the applicant’s passport and will be valid for two years or until the passport expires, which ever date is the sooner. Within that time of validity, the ESTA can be used for multiple trips to the US.

How Slovenian Citizens Can Apply for ESTA

It is very easy for citizens of Slovenia to apply for an ESTA. They simply need to visit the website and complete the short online form with the required information. The applicant must have a biometric passport, a valid email address and a payment card for the application fee.

There are several sets of questions that must be completed and the mandatory fields are marked with asterisks. Required information includes personal details, passport details, medical information and any criminal convictions.

Any errors that are made on the form could lead to the US ESTA visa application getting declined, therefore it is really important that the applicant takes extra care when completing the form. They should check the details they have provided several times before they submit the application to avoid any issues.

Passport Requirements for the US ESTA

Before applying for your ESTA, remember the dates of your arrival and departure in the United States, as your passport must be valid throughout this visit.

Other passport requirements are:

  • The passport must be electronic, which means it must contain a digital chip with information on its holder.
  • The passport's biographic page must have a machine-readable zone.

How Long Can Travelers from Slovenia Stay in the US Under an ESTA?

Travellers from Slovenia can stay in America for a maximum of 90 days under the ESTA. For longer stays, they must have the appropriate visa.

Can a Slovenian Citizen Extend Their ESTA Beyond 90 Days?

Slovenian citizens cannot extend their ESTA beyond 90 days. If they want to stay in the United States longer than 90 days, they’ll need to apply for a suitable visa.

It is important for Slovenian nationals to comply with the terms and conditions of the ESTA and stay within the allowed 90 days to avoid any further consequences.

Is It Allowed to Change a Status After Entering the US?

No, Slovenian nationals are not allowed to change their status after entering America.

The only way travellers can change their status is to first depart from the USA, and after that, they can apply for the appropriate visa or immigration status from their home country.

How Long Does the ESTA Processing Take?

The approval time for this travel document is very short. ESTA processing takes around 30 minutes to 24 hours, and the authorization will be sent via email as a PDF document. However, in exceptional cases requiring an extra application review, it can take a maximum time of 72 hours.

How Much in Advance Should You Submit Your Application?

Travellers need to apply for an ESTA at least 72 hours prior to their departure to the US. This will give them time to apply properly, along with enough time to react should any obstacles pop up.

Apart from that, ensuring the documents required for ESTA are valid is imperative. This includes submitting a legitimate passport, contact details, and the itinerary of the traveller's intended outlook whilst visiting the US.

How Long Is ESTA Authorisation Valid?

The validity period of ESTA is two years, or until the passport expires, whichever comes first.

Updating Your ESTA: When Do Slovenian Nationals Need to Geta New Travel Approval?

There are several situations when Slovenian nationals need new travel approval:

  • They have changed their name or gender.
  • They have received a new passport for any reason.
  • Their citizenship status has changed.
  • If their answers to eligibility questions in the ESTA form has changed.
  • Their existing travel authorization has expired because the two-year term has elapsed or their passport has expired.

Important Information About US ESTA Authorization

To ensure a smooth application process, there a few more important things about ESTA that Slovenian travelers need to be aware of. Firstly, you need to know who isn’t eligible to apply for ESTA.

ESTA Ineligibility: Who Doesn’t Qualify for the Travel Authorisation?

Not all travellers from Slovenia qualify for travel authorisation. Here are some of those who are ineligible:

  • People who were under arrest
  • Individuals who possess criminal records
  • Individuals with certain infective diseases
  • People who previously stayed beyond their authorized period on the Visa Waiver Program.

What to do if ESTA is Declined

If the ESTA does get refused on the basis that a mistake has been made on the form, the applicant has the option to send another application but they will be subjected to another application fee.

If the ESTA is refused for a different reason, then there is an option to apply for a US Visa instead. The applicant will need to complete a DS 160 form and arrange an interview at the US embassy.

US Embassy Address in Slovenia

U.S. Embassy Ljubljana
Prešernova 31
1000 Ljubljana

US ESTA vs US Visa: What Is the Difference?

There are a few important differences between ESTA and visa:

  • ESTA is easier and cheaper to get than a visa.
  • ESTA users can make an online application, while for obtaining a visa one must attend a mandatory interview at the US embassy.
  • The time of approval for ESTA is from a few hours to 72 hours, and for a visa, the period is longer, between 15 - 30 days.
  • With ESTA, a visit to the USA cannot be longer than 90 days, while the visa allows longer visits.
  • ESTA is designed only for tourists, transit, medical or busines purposes. Visa is suitable for marriage, college students, emigration, and work.

Under What Circumstances Do Slovenian Citizens Need to Applyfor a US Visa Instead of an ESTA?

Slovenian nationals need a US visa instead of ESTA to travel to the USA if:

  • They have a criminal record;
  • The ESTA application is refused
  • They are dual citizens of Slovenia and Iraq, Iran, Syria, and North Korea;
  • They don't possess an e-passport with an image;
  • They have an infectious disease;
  • Their travel will last more than 90 days.

Do Slovenian Minors Need an ESTA and Who Can Apply on Their Behalf?

Slovenian minors must have their own ESTA too. Parent or guardian can apply for on their behalf. Children cannot be named on parent passports and must have their valid passports to be eligible for an ESTA.

Do Dual Citizens of Slovenia and the United States or Canada Need an ESTA?

Dual citizens of Slovenia and the United States or Canada are not obligated to have an ESTA. All they have to do is use their USA or Canada passport when entering the USA.

Do I Need to Bring a Printed Copy of My ESTA TravelAuthorization to the Airport?

No, it's not necessary to print your travel authorization. The system is entirely digital, and your land, sea, or air carrier can access your ESTA status information from the DHS. Still, having a printed copy for confirmation and keeping a record of your application number is not a bad idea.

Why Is My Employer Information Relevant to the Application?

Employment information is important because it confirms your intention to return to your home country and that you will not immigrate to America.

Benefits of ESTA for Slovenian citizens:
  • It is quick to fill in the ESTA form
  • Use for either tourist, business, transit or medical visits to US
  • Same ESTA can be used multiple times
  • Valid for trips of up to 90 days
  • Faster processing times than US visa
  • Can be applied for using mobile or desktop
If You Want to Learn More About the ESTA Travel Approval

You can find more information about ESTA very easily. Just go over the ESTA requirements page and read our extensive FAQs about ESTA.

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Yes, in case they do not meet the ESTA requirements. Also, they will need a visa if their travel lasts more than 90 days and for all other purposes except tourist or business.
Yes, Slovenia is part of the Visa Waiver Program since 1997. As a result, citizens of Slovenia are allowed to use ESTA to travel to the USA visa-free.
If Slovenian citizens exceed the 90-day deadline on their ESTA authorization in the USA, they will face the consequences, including being ineligible to apply for another ESTA.