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ESTA for Slovenian Citizens

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Slovenia joined the Visa Waiver Program in 1997. As a consequence of this, citizens of Slovenia are now entitled to apply for an ESTA as their travel authorisation to visit the US, instead of the longer, more complex process of applying for a US Visa.

ESTA Requirements and Important Information

  • Can be used for tourism, business, transit, medical purposes
  • The same ESTA can be used for multiple visits
  • Children must have their own ESTA
  • ESTA is required when travelling to the US by the sea or by air
  • Remains valid for two years (or until the passport expires)
  • Can be used for visits to the US of a maximum 90 days stay
Application for Slovenian Citizens

Benefits of Applying for ESTA for Slovenian Citizens

With Slovenia being a member of the Visa Waiver Program, citizens of Slovenia are able to benefit from being eligible to apply for an ESTA as travel authorisation to the US. The key benefits of this, include a much faster processing time and a cheaper application fee. An ESTA application form takes no more than 20 minutes to fill in, then once it has been submitted a response will normally be received within 24 hours. It can occasionally take longer than this, so it is advised that applicants send their application at least 72 hours before they intend to travel to the US.

The ESTA application process is all completed digitally, and there is no need for the applicant to attend an interview at the US embassy, as is the case when applying for US Visa. This obviously means that it is much quicker to complete the full process. When an ESTA is approved, it gets automatically electronically linked to the applicant’s passport and will be valid for two years or until the passport expires, which ever date is the sooner. Within that time of validity, the ESTA can be used for multiple trips to the US.

How Slovenian Citizens Can Apply for ESTA

It is very easy for citizens of Slovenia to apply for an ESTA. They simply need to visit the website and complete the short online form with the required information. The applicant must have a biometric passport, a valid email address and a payment card for the application fee.

There are several sets of questions that must be completed and the mandatory fields are marked with asterisks. Required information includes personal details, passport details, medical information and any criminal convictions.

Any errors that are made on the form could lead to the US ESTA visa application getting declined, therefore it is really important that the applicant takes extra care when completing the form. They should check the details they have provided several times before they submit the application to avoid any issues.

What to do if ESTA is Declined

If the ESTA does get refused on the basis that a mistake has been made on the form, the applicant has the option to send another application but they will be subjected to another application fee.

If the ESTA is refused for a different reason, then there is an option to apply for a US Visa instead. The applicant will need to complete a DS 160 form and arrange an interview at the US embassy.

US Embassy Address in Slovenia

U.S. Embassy Ljubljana
Prešernova 31
1000 Ljubljana

Benefits of ESTA for Slovenian citizens:
  • It is quick to fill in the ESTA form
  • Use for either tourist, business, transit or medical visits to US
  • Same ESTA can be used multiple times
  • Valid for trips of up to 90 days
  • Faster processing times than US visa
  • Can be applied for using mobile or desktop

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