How to Apply for a Tourist Visa for California? -

How to Apply for a Tourist Visa for California?

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California is a very popular travel destination and is the most visited state in the US. There are so many areas and attractions in California to visit, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, two cities that see a large volume of visitors each year. California is the home to Hollywood, the Golden Gate Bridge and several national parks including Yosemite National Park. San Diego is also a very popular place to visit in California, with many travelers opting to do a road trip along the west coast to see as much of California as possible in one trip.

There are also some great beaches and a Disneyland in California, as well as many other top theme parks, making it ideal for family vacations. If you are thinking of planning a trip to California, then here is some of the key information that you need to know:

Tourist Visa: Requirements & Information

Any non-US citizen who wishes to travel to the USA must have the correct travel documentation. As well as having a valid passport, travelers must also obtain a visa for the purposes of their trip. If the visit is for tourism, then the traveler can apply for a tourist visa, the B-2 visitor visa, which is for temporary tourism, pleasure or visiting in the US.

If you are eligible for applying for an ESTA (see section regarding ESTA below) and have your ESTA application, accepted you will not require a visa. A tourist visa does not cover purposes such as employment, although amateur athletes and amateur entertainers are able to travel to California under a tourist visa or ESTA.

Application for Tourist Visa

To apply for a US tourist visa for California, you must complete the DS-160 tourist visa application form and provide all of the required information. There is also an application fee that you must make before you then schedule an interview at the US embassy in your home country. You will need to take a printed copy of your DS-160 confirmation page when you attend your interview at the embassy.

In addition, you require arecent photograph (5cm x 5cm), a printout of your appointment confirmation and your passport. If you have had a previous US visa, you should also bring evidence of this with you. Documents related to any medical conditions (e.g. letter from physician regarding your current health state) or criminal convictions should also be brought along to the interview.

Visit California with an ESTA

If you are a citizen of one of the countries that is in the Visa Waiver Program, then you can apply for an ESTA instead of a visa, provided that you are not planning on staying in the US for a period longer than 90 days. This means that you do not need to attend the embassy for an interview and you simply need to fill in the short ESTA application form . It is a much faster process and it also costs less to apply for than a US tourist visa.

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