New York vs Sydney

New York vs Sydney

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Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales and Australia's most populated metropolis. It is situated on the east coast of Australia. On the other hand, we have New York (also known by the nickname "Big Apple") - the city with the greatest population in the United States. It is located at the mouth of the Hudson River and includes both Manhattan and the neighboring area on Long Island, the majority of which is known as Brooklyn.

How do these two cities compare? Are you wondering which one is better to visit or live in? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. Our New York vs Sydney city comparison will introduce you to the differences between them and help you decide which suits your needs better.

Keep reading to find out which of these two cities is more affordable to live in or visit, which has better weather conditions, details on their public transportation systems, cultural events, the cost of real estate in them, and many other useful facts.

Cost of Living in Sydney vs New York: What Is the Difference?

New York is more expensive to live in than Sydney:

  • Sydney's consumer prices are 16.96% less expensive than New York's;
  • Compared to New York, Sydney's restaurant costs are 32.10% less expensive;
  • The cost of groceries is 23.02% cheaper in Sydney than it is in New York.

Below are comparisons of some of the most important living expenses.

Cost of Living in Sydney vs Cost of Living in New York

Cost of Living Comparison
New York
Utility bills (Water, Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Garbage)
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL)
Price of an apartment for purchase in the city center (per square meter)
Price of an apartment for purchase outside the city center (per square meter)
Meal for two in a cheaper restaurant
Meal for two in expensive restaurants
Milk 1L
Potatoes 1kg

New York vs Sydney Rent Prices

Rent in Sydney is 71.78% cheaper than in New York. Below, you can take a look at a more detailed comparison of the rent prices between these two cities

Rent Proces Compared
New York
Price of a one-bedroom apartment in the city center for rent
Price of a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center for rent
Price of a family apartment in the city center for rent
Price of a family apartment outside the city center for rent

Sydney vs New York Size: Which City Is Bigger?

Overall, Sydney has a smaller population but a larger area than New York. Let’s take a look at the exact numbers, so you get a clear picture of their size and population.

Sydney vs New York Size
New York
12 144 km2
1 214 km2
5.4 million
8.5 million
Population Density
415 people/km²
10194 people/km²
Sydney vs New York Size
Population Density
12 144 km2
5.4 million
415 people/km²
New York
1 214 km2
8.5 million
10194 people/km²

Who Has a Better Public Transportation?

Public transport works great in Sydney, and generally, it is very clean and without noisy crowds. People behave nicely and culturally while they use it. Trains are definitely the best and most popular way to get around this Australian city. Buses and light rails also function well.

However, New York's public transportation is generally superior. Here, the subway system is well-developed, frequent, and fast. The city also offers a broad range of other types of transportation, including buses, commuter trains, and even ferries. Renting a car is also available for tourists, but this is not the most popular form of transportation for two reasons: enormously high car rental prices and traffic that is often congested - so for visitors who do not know New York well, driving through the city can be a real nightmare.

New York vs Sydney Education Opportunities

Studying in New York is a possibility for acquiring pretty good knowledge, but one disadvantage of New York for students is definitely the high expense of living.

There are 18 universities in New York. The City University of New York (CUNY), which has 25 colleges spread over the five boroughs of New York City, is the biggest urban public university system in the United States. In addition to more than 60 undergraduate, technical, and community institutions, the State University of New York (SUNY) system also offers a large choice of online courses. New York University is a world-class research institution.

Several of Australia's most famous universities, technological institutes, and schools are located in Sydney. Most students enter tertiary education through the secondary school system in New South Wales, where they are ranked according to the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

The University of Sydney was the first established Australian university. In addition, there are numerous universities in this city, such as Macquarie University, Western Sydney University, the University of Technology, the University of New South Wales, and the Australian Catholic University.

The University of Wollongong, The University of Notre Dame Australia, and the University of Newcastle are three other universities with secondary campuses in Sydney.

Economy and Employment Landscape Compared

Despite the numerous employment opportunities in New York, many people work several jobs in order to earn enough money to live in this expensive city. Because of this, the unemployment rate is low at 4.3%. The typical net salary (after income tax) is £5,100.

Sydney has a sizable economic basis that includes an extensive network of internationally competitive companies, well-developed infrastructure, and a great quality of life. This city offers excellent job opportunities. The unemployment rate is very low, even lower than in New York, at 3.8%. On average, one worker earns (after income tax) $3,828.46 per month.

New York vs Sydney Crime Rates: Which City Is Safer?

Sydney is a very safe city, with a low crime rate. There are many security cameras in the city, and theft of property and sexual assaults occur at a very low percentage. It is also safe to walk around at night, even for women, with some caution. The only problem is that at night there are fights in front of nightclubs and drug consumption by young people. But such situations are resolved quickly and do not turn into major incidents.

When it comes to personal safety in New York the city has more crime because it has a larger population, but the rate is comparable to what it is in all major cities. Tourists are the target of petty crimes like stealing and pickpocketing most frequently. Murders and other violent crimes do happen, but they frequently happen in unsafe areas a nd have decreased over the past year. In addition, there was a nearly 40% increase in burglaries.

Which City Boasts More Attractions?

Sydney is Australia's most famous and well-traveled city, sometimes referred to as the harbor city. It is placed in the cultural and economic center of the nation. Its waterfront location offers breathtaking views of the city's renowned harbor. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are two of its most well-known attractions. Also nearby are gorgeous beaches, parks, museums, and natural areas.

On the flip side New York has numerous world-renowned attractions, including museums, parks, and entertainment options. The Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Central Park,the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and historic areas are among the popular tourist destinations. While some visitors specifically travel to see Broadway shows, others travel just to shop and dine.

Is New York or Sydney More Fun? Entertainment and Nightlife Overview

New York City has nightlife that is just amazing. The rooftop and panoramic bars are a must-see component of the nightlife. All around Manhattan, East Village, Brooklyn, Queens, and Williamsburg, visitors can find them. These bars serve super cocktails and have stunning views of Manhattan's skyline.

The restaurants provide a wide range of food to satisfy the culinary preferences of travelers from all over the world and are also very interesting for people who want to try new cuisines. There are plenty of live music clubs in New York City where people may enjoy all genres of music, including jazz, blues, hip-hop, soul, etc.

Sydney has a lot to offer at night, including rooftop drinks, late-night eating, and wine tastings. Restaurants serve excellent meals even at late hours. The greatest tiny bars in the city may be found in YCK Laneways, a brand-new neighborhood. There are a variety of opulent nightclubs and darkly lit dance floors available.

Sydney comes alive after dark with bars, clubs, live music, late-night art exhibits, outdoor movies, and stand-up comedy.

Weather Comparison: Does Sydney or NYC Have a Better Climate?

Despite the fact that both locations have a temperate climate with four distinct seasons, they have these seasons at different periods of the year. Sydney is located in the southern hemisphere, with summer in January and winter in July, while New York has the opposite weather situation. Below are the most important climate information:

  • The average temperature in Sydney is 19.1°C, and in New York 14.2°C;
  • The average maximum temperature in Sydney is 23.4°C, and in New York 14.2°C;
  • The average minimum temperature in Sydney is 14.8°C, and in New York 10.2°C;
  • In Sydney, the hottest month is Јanuary with an average temperature of 23°C and the coldest is Јuly with an average temperature of 12°C;
  • In New York, the hottest summer month is Јuly with an average temperature of 25°C and the coldest is Јanuary with an average temperature of -1°C;
  • In Sydney, it rains the most in March (148 mm), and in New York in July (114 mm).

How to Reach New York: Entry Requirements Overview

Not all visitors to New York will have to go through the sometimes lengthy process of obtaining a US visa. Members of the Visa Waiver Program can apply for an ESTA to visit New York, or other US destinations. These countries have an agreement with the US, so their citizens are visa exempt.

This includes Australian citizens too. If the city of New York has charmed you, you don’t have to go through the lengthy, complicated, and expensive process of obtaining a US visa. Instead, you have the option to apply for ESTA visa USA for Australian citizens.

In comparison to the traditional forms of the visa, getting an ESTA is much faster, easier, and even less expensive. You complete the application online and submit it for approval. In some cases, it will only take 20 minutes to get your travel authorisation for New York, but it can take up to 72 hours. Keep in mind that this visa waiver can only be used for tourist, business and medical purposes. Citizens of countries that are not part of the VWP Programme will have to acquire one of the US visas based on the purpose ot their trip.

New York vs Sydney Summary: Which One Is Better?

As you can see, both cities have their advantages and disadvantages. They have in common that both are popular for tourists (tourism is the major source of income for both cities).

The most important difference is the cost of living. To visit Sydney, you will need less money because it is significantly cheaper, and you will be able to have a more luxurious time (stay in better hotels, visit the most expensive places, and generally experience more activities) than you could in the Big Apple.

But if you can afford to spend more money, we suggest going to New York, because it is still more attractive and one of the most popular cities in the world.

Written by Abisola Fikayomi

Abisola is an accomplished writer interested in US Travel, immigration, passports and visas. She’s passionate about exploring new places and cultures and willing to share her experiences, expertize and findings with others. That is her primary drive for specialising in this industry.


Living costs in New York City are higher than those in Sydney, so it’s more expensive to live in NYC.
No, Sydney is bigger than Manhattan.
Australia's Melbourne is considered to be somewhat similar to New York.

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