Tips for moving to the USA from UK

If you have decided to move to the United States from the UK then you have a very exciting time ahead. However, moving from one continent to another can be daunting and there is a lot of preparation to do in order to get everything set up and ready for your big move. From your accommodation, to obtaining the right kind of visa, we have detailed an essential set of tips to help ensure you cover everything off.

Arrange your accommodation in advance

The earlier you start looking for accommodation, the better as you should be able to get better deals if you are looking at rented properties. Staying in a hotel until you find suitable accommodation can be costly, so finding a good deal before you move will help you to save money.
Whilst you might be taking a slight gamble if you do not see the property in person before you get there, if you use a real estate that offers 360 video tours of property then this will help to get a better idea than pictures. If you are not sure, ask the agent to video call you and take you on a tour of the property, explaining that you are in the UK and cannot view it in person.

Check your travel documents

Before you book your flight to USA you should check that your passport is not near to expiry and if it is then you will need to ensure you get your new one before travelling.
You also need to check your visa requirements, as an ESTA visa will only cover visits to the US for up to 90 days and ESTA is not for people looking to permanently move to the US. The ESTA is ideal for short visits to the US, so if you are thinking of going over to view properties before you move then you can use the ESTA application for the visit to view potential accommodation, or for job interviews for example.
Therefore, you must research the correct type of visa that you can apply for and send your application. Once you have your visa approved, then you should book your flight.

Shipping your belongings

One of the most difficult parts of moving somewhere far is that you need to consider which belongings you are taking with you and whether it is worthwhile shipping belongings. This will largely depend on how long you are planning to live in the US
for but you should get quotes for shipping any belongings that you are thinking of taking. You can also pay for additional luggage on most airlines, so explore the different options and decide which items you really want to take with you.
Finding work
The difficulty of finding work will depend on a lot of factors from your skills, to the area you are moving to and the local job market. When you are deciding on a location, make sure that you have researched local job opportunities that match your skills and experience.
Good luck with your move to the US and hopefully these tips will have given you some useful pointers to help you prepare for your big move.

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