Explore Miami, Florida with an ESTA

If you are planning a trip to Miami then it is worth spending some time to find out about all of the amazing tourist attractions in the area. Miami Beach has got to be top of your list of things to do but there is a lot more to Miami than sandy beaches.
The stunning Art Deco buildings make Miami stand out from any other part of the US and the nightlife is famous across the world. Some of the biggest parties happen in Miami and many movie stars and other celebs have a home here because they love the Miami vibe so much.

Top things to do in Miami

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Miami Beach

Miami Beach is where most of the action is during the day and through the night too. From sunbathing along the long stretches of sand, to hanging out at nearby bars on Ocean Drive, Miami Beach is the main reason people flock to this area of the world.
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Art Deco Historic District

If you have seen films from the 1930s/40 with beautiful Art Deco buildings, you will feel like you have jumped into one of those films. These hotels, restaurants and shops in the district have been restored exceptionally well and are a fantastic attraction in the area.
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Bay side Marketplace

This outdoor shopping mall lies along the waterfront and is one of the most atmospheric shopping areas in the world. If you want to pick up some gifts or even do some clothes shopping, this is the place to go.


Miami MIA is the main airport that people travelling to Miami will fly into. It lies 9 miles out of Miami and operates direct flights from most of the large cities around the world. It can get very congested around the airport with people trying to get into the city so some people choose to fly into nearby Fort Lauderdale instead, which is about 40 minutes outside of Miami.

Job and Travel Opportunities

There is a real mix of work opportunities in Miami including retail and entertainment. The busy financial district is situated in Downtown Miami and is known as the Wall Street South, which offers a very attractive lifestyle for those in the finance industry.
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