Can a third party fill out ESTA for me?

Yes, a third party can fill out your ESTA form for you as the person whose name appears on the form does not have to fill in the form themselves. It is acceptable for a third party to fill out all or part of the form.
It may be that you need to fill in a form for somebody, such as a child or someone with visual impairment. Alternatively, it may be the case that you would like someone like a friend, partner, or a travel agent to assist you with completing your own form.
If you are filling the form for someone, or if a travel agent is helping you out with your own form, then the person filling in the form must read aloud all the questions and statements to the person whose name is being written on the form. The person filling in the form also has to fill in an extra box in the Waiver of Rights section to indicate the following:
  • That the person filling in the form has read aloud all the statements and questions in the form
  • That the person whose name appears on the form understands all the statements and questions, including the Waiver of Rights itself and
  • That all the information that has been provided in the form is true and correct to the best of the applicant’s knowledge and belief.
It is very important that if you need help filling in any part of the form that you make sure that all information submitted is as accurate as possible and that the person filling it in is trustworthy. This not only helps to avoid mistakes in your application , but is important to avoid scams such as credit card fraud, identity theft, and the distribution of malware.
Bear in mind that the person whose name appears on the form shall be responsible for all the information contained within the application.