Can I fix a mistake on my ESTA application?

Prior to payment, you can amend all the details in your application. Once you have paid and submitted your ESTA application, there are some mistakes that you can amend but the majority will require for you to submit a completely new application.
You must submit a new application for any of the listed mistakes:
  • First (given) name
  • Last (family) name
  • Gender - at present, only male or female are available. If neither of these are applicable to you, pick the one you would otherwise feel most comfortable with
  • City of birth
  • Country of birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Country of residence
  • Country passport was issued
  • Birth date
  • Passport number
  • Passport expiry date
  • Passport issue date
Any wrong information about passport documents, biographical information, or any questions relating to your eligibility to travel to the U.S. will require you to fill out an entirely new application. This is because these details will be used to determine the acceptability of your application.