How Do You Fill Out an ESTA Application? -

How Do You Fill Out an ESTA Application?

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Filling out an ESTA application is a fairly quick process but there are some questions and parts of required information that can complicate the application more if the applicant does not have the information, or is not sure which information to provide.
This guide should help anyone that is struggling to complete their ESTA application, to ensure that they include the right information so that their application does not get declined due to a mistake.
Things you need before starting the application:
  • A valid, biometric passport
  • A card to make the payment for the application fee
  • A valid email address for correspondence to go to
Once you have these three in place, you can start the application process.
  1. To start your application, visit the online ESTA application form.
  2. Next, you will need to fill out the applicant information section which includes details such as name, DOB, gender, nationality etc.
  3. The next section to complete is your contact details, which requires email address, telephone number and address including postcode.
  4. Then you are required to enter your passport information, such as passport number, date of issue and expiration date.
  5. If you have had a passport issued from another country, you will also need to provide details of this.
  6. Provide your country and city of birth along with information regarding any other nationality/citizenship and any membership of GE.
  7. The next section applies to your travel information for your intended trip to the US, including where you will be staying/point of contact in the US.
  8. You also need to provide employer name and address, along with your job title, if you are employed.
  9. There is an optional part for you to provide your social media usernames.
  10. You need to provide an emergency contact and your parents' names.
  11. The final part of the application is the eligibility questions, where you must answer questions related to health and criminal convictions. If the answer to any of the questions is Yes, then your ESTA application is likely to get declined.
  12. Once you have completed all of the application questions, you must consent to the ESTA application and then go through your application to check there are no mistakes.
  13. The last part of the process is to make the payment using one of the accepted card payment types such as Visa, Master Card or American Express. When the payment goes through, the application is submitted.
After your application is submitted, you will receive an automated receipt email to show your application has gone through. You will later receive an update regarding the outcome of the Homeland Security screening process.
If the Department of Homeland Security approve your application, then you will receive notification that you have the required travel authorization to enter the US. The ESTA will then be electronically linked to your passport, ready for the CBP to see it when they check your passport when you enter the US. However, even if the ESTA gets approved, the CBP could still stop someone from entering the US if they have health or security concerns regarding the individual.

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Can I extend my ESTA while in the U.S.?

When you are travelling to the US on an ESTA and it is due to expire, the ESTA can be renewed, not extended. There is no option for an ESTA visa extension.

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Can I speed up my ESTA application?

The short answer to this question is no, you cannot fast track an ESTA application. However, by ensuring that your ESTA application is completed with all of the correct information, there is a much better chance that it will get processed quickly and approved.

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Do I need to apply for ESTA if I have a stop-over in the United States?

Yes, even if your final destination is not the United States and you’re stopping at an airport in the U.S. for just an hour or two, you will still need to get an ESTA authorisation. You may not even be able to board your flight if you do not have a valid ESTA, as your airline will request this before your departure.

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