When must I submit a new ESTA application?

You can submit a new ESTA application any time you like, even if you currently have an active ESTA authorisation. There are also some circumstances when you will have to submit a new one. Here are a couple of reasons why you would need to submit a new one.
You will need to submit a new application if you have already submitted your application but have made a mistake in one or more details relating to your biographical information, such as if you’ve made an error on your name, date of birth, passport number, etc. Answering one of the eligibility questions incorrectly will also require a new ESTA application, but if you chose ‘yes’ on one of the eligibility questions in error, then it would be best to contact CBP directly either by calling them or sending them an email. Contact information is available at the bottom of the page on the ESTA website. This information is needed to determine your authorisation, so any changes mean you’ll need a whole new application. There are some details, however, that you can change when you check your ESTA status, such as your email address, telephone number and the address you are staying at in the U.S.
If you renew your passport, or if you’ve changed your name or gender, you would need to submit a new ESTA application altogether. If you have changed your name or gender and are still going to travel using your old passport, make sure you take with you any documents that link your new name or gender with the name on your passport, and you.
Once 2 years have elapsed from your ESTA authorisation, you will also need to renew your ESTA. This is because the ESTA authorisation is valid for a duration of 2 years.
It is important to bear in mind that every time you submit a new application, you need to pay for the application fee, so make sure to be careful when filling in your details! If you applied as a group, the person who is the designated contact person will have access to the group details and information. If you forgot to add someone in the group and you’ve already paid for the application for your group, then you will need to submit a new application for the person you have left out. Before making the payment, you can add up to 50 people.