USCIS Removes 60-Day Rule for Medical Exam Form I-693

USCIS Removes 60-Day Rule on the Immigration Medical Exam Form I-693

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Historically, immigrants applying for lawful permanent status in the US had to provide medical exam results that had been signed by a civil surgeon within the last 60 days. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services has now removed the 60-day rule for civil surgeon signatures and extended the period to two years.

How the change will help green card applicants

In many cases, applicants were being asked to resubmit a new form signed by a civil surgeon if the application was submitted more than 60 days after the civil surgeon signed the Form I-693. As well as having the inconvenience of needing to arrange another medical exam with a civil surgeon, another exam fee would usually need to be paid, which is usually somewhere between $100 to $500.

Applicants who were unable to submit their green card application within the 60 day requirement also risked having their green card application rejected. The longer period for submitting the signed form will reduce the likelihood of an application being rejected.

The change has been introduced following ongoing expressions of concern from applicants, civil surgeons, federal partners and USCIS officers. The 60-day rule had been intended to enhance operational efficiency and reduce the need to request updated Forms I-693, this result had not effectively been achieved.

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