How Much Money Do You Need To Immigrate to USA?

How much Money Do You Need To Immigrate to USA?

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Your finances are not the key factor in whether you are able to immigrate to the US, finding a way that makes you eligible to immigrate to the US is the biggest hurdle for most people. The US operates with a strict immigration system, where applicants must satisfy a number of requirements to enable them to be granted a visa or permanent residency.
There are a number of different types of non immigrant visa options such as working visas and student visas, which require interviews at the US embassy. Many visas also require that you have the financial means to support yourself for the length of your stay if you are granted a visa and are not going to be working in the US.
Students looking to study in the US must be able to provide evidence that they can pay their study fees, as well as living expenses including accommodation and travel. There are restrictions on foreign students taking up employment whilst studying in the US, so the finances must already be in place before a student visa would be granted. Once students graduate, if they have studied a qualification that is in high demand in the US, there is a possibility that they may be able to pursue options through gaining employment that lead to permanent residency in the future.

Immigration options for the US

If you have $500,000 to invest then you can apply to be an immigrant investor, where you invest in a commercial enterprise based in a high-unemployment area, to help drive employment opportunities in this area of the US. The commercial enterprise must also create 10 full time roles as part of the operation of the business.
Sponsorship by an employer or a family member is another option for immigrating to the US, although the types of jobs that are able to be filled by foreign workers are ones that require a certain skill level or level of qualification, so this would need to be fulfilled. You will also be required to provide proof of your job offer as well as your salary you will be on when in the role.
Other foreign citizens immigrate to the US because they marry a US citizen but this is obviously not something that you can plan for and anyone applying for a green card through marriage will go through an interview to check that the relationship is genuine and the marriage is based on falling in love rather than trying to obtain US permanent residency.
If you want to immigrate to the US, it is not as simple as jumping on a plane and starting a new life there. The US immigration system has been in place for many years and the US is one of the most difficult countries in the world to immigrate to due to the immigration policies in place. Therefore, unless you have a large sum for investment, you must be able to qualify to immigrate to the US through one of the other methods, regardless of how much money you are taking to the US with you.

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