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Which are the best States to live in the USA in 2022?

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The best state to live in in the USA can be very relative. Asking any random person, the best state to live in would lead to a variety of different answers. They may reply with a city they live in, or one they once lived in, the city with the cleanest streets they have been to, or even their dream state. It is all based on sentiments. It could be because of the population, the healthcare, or even the weather. However, based on statistics, what are the best states to live in the USA?
Based on statistics, criteria such as cost of living, median annual wage, state income tax, unemployment rate, crime rate, increase in unemployment since the COVID-19 lockdowns began, and workplace safety are used to measure the best states to live in the USA.
Many comparisons are based on wages. However, it does not capture the whole picture of what states are the best to live in the US. Take New Hampshire and Oregon as a good example; they have similar wages. However, their cost of living and purchasing power greatly differs from each other. New Hampshire has a median wage of $41,490, while Oregon has $41,250. The purchasing power after state taxes and cost of living in New Hampshire is $38,240, while that of Oregon is $28,365. There is a huge difference between the purchasing power of New Hampshire and Oregon, even though they have similar median wages.

Determining Factors

Here are a few determinants for being the best states to live in the USA.
  • Cost of living: The cost of living greatly influences the best states tolive in the USA. The data for the cost of living is usually the median of the metro areas of the state. This data is obtained from the Council for Community and Economic Research.
  • Median annual wage: The median annual wage data is issued by the Bureau ofLabor Statistics, and it is based on all the averages from all occupations.
  • State income tax: It is issued by the tax foundation. It is calculated usingthe state’s income tax bracket.
  • Healthcare and education: Education and health care are given a higherpreference in the ranking of the states.

Best 6 States to Live in the USA

  • Washington DC: It is the capital state of the United States. It usuallyseats within the first five best cities in the US. The median income in Washington is $53,875. However, in 2020, the unemployment rate rose by 1.3% in March alone due to the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • Minnesota: Minnesota had a population estimate of 5,639,632 in July 2019.The median income in Minnesota is $74,593. They have a state income tax between 5.35% - 9.85%. It has a low unemployment rate of 3.1%.
  • New Hampshire: It is one of the best places in the US to live in. It has alow crime rate and comes in first place for Opportunity and Crime & Corrections. The average income in New Hampshire is $65,421.
  • Utah: Utah ranks in second place economically, fiscal stability puts it infifth place, while infrastructure-wise, it ranks in third place. It has an average monthly income of $55,840. At 12th position, it has a really low crime rate. It comes in fifth place education-wise and 16th place as regards healthcare.
  • Vermont: Vermont has fascinating scenery, making it a safe haven for outdoorenthusiasts, snowboarders, and skiers. Its educational system ranks in 8th place, while its 11th for healthcare. It has an average income of $61,581.
  • Maryland: It is located right next to the capital, and this positioningallows an inflow from the capital, leaving behind the high cost of living. It ranks in eighth place health wise. It has many phenomenal healthcare institutions, such as John Hopkins Hospital. The average income in Maryland is $66,701.
That’s it. The top 6 best states to live in the USA, leaving behind all sentimental opinions and facing facts such as median income, healthcare, education, and so on.
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Abisola is an accomplished writer interested in US Travel, immigration, passports and visas. She’s passionate about exploring new places and cultures and willing to share her experiences, expertize and findings with others. That is her primary drive for specialising in this industry.


Maine has been regarded as the most peaceful state in the United States of America, with Vermont and New Hampshire ranking behind it. Maine has been regarded as an exclusively peaceful State because of its low crime rates. To assert this, The Institute for Economics and Peace ranked Maine at the top of the United States Peace Index.
Although there are other good options, Massachusetts can easily be referred to as the best state to raise a family. It provides good facilities for education and child care. Also, education is highly affordable in this state. Another bonus point why you should consider Massachusetts is because it has the fourth-lowest infant mortality rate. Other States such as Minnesota, Vermont, and North Dakota can also be considered.
Identifying the number one State in America is dependent on the sector you are looking for, which makes this highly subjective. Minnesota and New Hampshire rank highest in terms of a stable and sound economy. However, in terms of health care, Idaho and Nebraska are some of the States excelling in that aspect. The list goes on, and your choice will be based on exactly what you are looking for.
Mississippi has the lowest cost of living in the United States of America. The World Population Review has regarded the cost of living in Mississippi to be 15% lower than the national average cost of living. Childcare, food, health care, and so on are also very cheap in Mississippi. Ranking behind Mississippi is Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

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