Is Miami Safe to Visit? Your Guide to a Safe and Successful Trip

Is Miami Safe?

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Miami is one of America's most popular vacation destinations, and superb resorts can be found from North Beach to South Beach. The Miami Airport serves as a major hub for tourists from all over the world, and the Port of Miami is one of the busiest cruise ports on the globe.
Millions of people visit it every year to see Miami’s top attractions and it is very important for them all to stay safe. So, is Miami safe to visit this year? We’ll provide a detailed answer to this question as well as what to visit and what places to avoid.
If you are one of those who are planning to visit this wonderful city, here you will get all the necessary information to have a safe and successful trip.

Is Miami Safe to Visit? A Quick Answer

Although there is a significant amount of crime in Miami, it is not as scary as one might think. Due to a number of circumstances, there is still a medium overall danger, but despite that, visiting Miami is a great choice.

Miami Crime Rates

In Miami aggravated assault, rape, gun violence/gun crime and homicide are common. A study of FBI crime data found that while there are more property crimes than violent crimes, Miami's crime rate is 42 per 1,000 residents.
In 2015, there were 1,021.31 crimes committed per 100,000 people. In 2018, that number was 629.54. In just three years, that's a 39% decrease!
According to government statistics, there were 1,840 incidents of aggravated assault reported between January and June of 2021 and 2,271 cases over the same time period in 2022.

Is Miami Public Transportation Safe?

Public transport is generally safe. Of course, caution is always advisable, so users should take care of their belongings on the bus, especially at night. In comparison to other big cities, Miami's public transport is not well developed. They have a "metro," but due to the high water table, it is not subterranean.
Miami's bus system is named Metrobus, and it travels rather far outside of the city. There are also Miami trolleys, which are free trolleybuses that run in various parts of the city. Then there is the Metrorail train. Trains operate every 15 minutes from 6 am to midnight across a distance of 21 kilometres.

The Taxis and Uber

In general, Miami's taxis are safe.
Here are a few tips for anyone who wants to use taxi services in Miami: It is best to use taxi services that are licensed. Every licensed taxi must have a license number, and the dashboard of the cab will display the taxi driver's number plate and photo identity. Taxi drivers are not permitted to charge for additional passengers or bags.
Miami's Uber is safe, at least for the most part.
It has been reported that fake Uber drivers have picked up passengers. They may simply trick people by placing a false sticker on the vehicle. The most important thing for all Uber users is to get into a car that has exactly the same description as in the app. Before entering, they should ask for the passenger's name. The driver should know that. If he does not know, do not enter the vehicle.

Is It Safe to Drive in Miami?

Miami is a safe city to drive to. Aside from using public transportation, driving is the best way to get around Miami. With a car rental, visitors may explore the city and the surrounding areas through some spectacular coastline routes, such as the Florida Keys Overseas Highway (Visitors using rental cars should keep their doors locked even while driving and park in well-lit areas - car theft is a common occurrence).
However, driving in Miami is everything but idyllic. The drivers can be very aggressive, and the traffic can be horrible. Road rage is common. Expect speeding, not allowing adequate space while overtaking, and overall road hogging.
It is recommended that visitors have travel insurance, as the compensation in the event of an accident is high.

Places to Avoid in Miami

Here are some of the most dangerous neighbourhoods to avoid:
  • Overtown and Liberty City (these two areas have the highest violent crime rate in Miami)
  • Little Haiti
  • Parts of Miami Riverfront
  • South Beach
  • Allapattah
  • Little Havana
  • Model City

Safe Places to Visit in Miami

Coral Gables

The crime level in Coral Gables is kept under control in part through neighbourhood crime watch programs and mobile police patrols.
Burglaries are difficult to commit in this Miami neighbourhood since almost all houses are walled and a part of a gated community.

South Coconut Grove

There are extremely few complaints of crimes in this Miami area since there are always police there. Being so near to the Miami International Airport is a draw for travellers.

Fisher Island

Fisher Island is a private island and it is definitely one of the safest areas in Miami. The island has at least 50 security officers on duty and a 24-hour sea patrol.

Key Biscayne

Wealthy Miami residents possess luxurious beachfront homes in this place. Off the shore of Brickell, it is quite safe and exclusive. To enter this area, visitors must endure a thorough cross-examination. The island is under constant police presence.
South Miami, Ponce Davis, and Pinecrest are some other safe areas in Miami.

Is Miami Safe for Solo Travelers?

In general, it is safe to travel alone in Miami. However, it is recommended that a person be careful and cautious. Here are some safety tips for those who intend to travel alone:
  • Solo tourists should avoid walking at night in unfamiliar places, especially on beaches.
  • For visitors, it is best to stick to well-lit and crowded areas.
  • Pickpocketing is very common in Miami. Visitors who are alone are especially often targeted. Therefore, solo travellers should take care of their money and keep it in a safe place.
  • Visitors are advised to follow local government information regarding hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions.
  • Tourists should avoid any overhead passes as many homeless people live below them (street gangs are also frequent in these places).
  • Avoid dangerous neighbourhoods like Overtown and Liberty City

Solo Female Travelers

For women, it is just as safe as any other US metropolis. You shouldn't encounter any difficulties in Miami as long as you take all the necessary precautions to take care of yourself, just like you would in any other city or location in the world.
However, here are some safety tips for female solo travellers:
  • You should avoid unknown parts of the city (especially at night), because it could very easily happen that a person who does not know Miami enters some of the bad and unsafe parts of this city. It is best to stick to the lighted streets in the main tourist areas.
  • If a woman is at a bar or disco, a very important piece of advice is to always have a drink near at hand and not to let it out of their sight. Unfortunately, spilling beverages is one-way women might be attacked. Drink responsibly and be aware of your limitations.
  • Thieves target women more frequently than they do males. More easily stolen than pickpocketing are handbags and purses. When visiting a cafe or restaurant, solo travellers should never leave their bags hanging from the back of a chair.
  • Before booking accommodation, woman travellers should check reviews from other solo female travellers.

Is Miami Safe for Families?

Miami is safe for family visits. The city has many great places for family visits. They include the Venetian Pool, the Zoo Miami, the Monkey Jungle, and the Miami Children's Museum.
Restaurants and hotels have accommodations for children, which is a great thing for all those who are planning a family visit.
When visiting, it is important to consider the season of year. Keep in mind that summers are hot and the heat can be stifling so be sure to bring sunscreen with SPF and hats to protect children from too much sun.
Also, Miami is wilder during spring break, which occurs in March and April, so it's not the greatest time for family visits.

Is Miami Safe to Live?

Living in Miami is safe. It is one of the most populous cities in America for a reason. A large number of world-famous people live here. Living in Miami is attractive for many although the city has some downsides.
Anywhere in the globe, crime is going to be a problem, and Miami is no exception. However, the city is still livable despite its high crime level. Although there are hazardous neighbourhoods in Miami, overall the city is not overrun by them.
Those who intend to move to Miami should carefully consider in which part of the city they will live. Distinct parts of town have different moods, and living in one might be a significant contrast from another.
There is SoFi for a bit more elegance and SoBe for party lovers. Both are quite safe but also very expensive. Mid-Beach is a growing neighbourhood that is more family-friendly.
The general rule in Miami is that the closer the apartment is to the water, the more expensive the rent.
Coral Gables is an excellent choice for downtown Miami. This is where the University of Miami is situated, and it's also one of the safest parts of the city. Coconut Grove, the oldest inhabited region in Miami, and Key Biscayne are two other lovely areas.

Is Miami Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Yes, Miami's water is safe to drink.

Travelling to Miami: The Visa Requirements

The tourist must have the right travel documents in order to visit Miami. The US government has a visa system in place to ensure the safety and preservation of US citizens' rights. Any foreign national entering the US must possess the necessary documentation. You will need a valid passport and a visa or ESTA to visit Miami.
An ESTA is an Electronic System for Travel Authorization that is available to nationals of the 40 countries who participate in the Visa Waiver Program. This is an alternative to going through the drawn-out and complicated procedure of applying for a visa. The ESTA was created to make it simpler for business and tourist visitors with low-risk levels to enter the US for stays of up to 90 days.
It takes just a few minutes to register for ESTA online, and the procedure is pretty simple. In comparison to this type of travel authorisation, the visa application process is much more complicated, the applicant has to go to the embassy in person for an interview, and the visa fee is higher than the ESTA fee.

How Safe Is Miami? Our Verdict

The idea that Miami is a violent city is common. But in terms of crime statistics, its crime rate is relatively comparable to any major city. While there are clearly some areas of this city where crime is an issue, overall it is safe to visit Miami. Tourists must use common sense and steer clear of bad neighbourhoods to stay safe while there.
You will be secure and have a great time in this great city if you follow and adhere to these suggestions.


No, it's not. In comparison to New York, Miami has a far higher crime rate.
The South part of Miami is the safest.
Downtown Miami is safe as long as tourists stay on crowded streets. There are certain places where robberies and small-time theft are common, but these crimes often take place at night and away from busy streets.
It's advised that, at night, travellers stay in tourist zones that are well-lit.
Yes, Miami Beach is safe to swim.
Pick-pocketing and handbag snatching are the most prevalent types of petty crime in Miami, especially on Miami Beach and in the crowded Downtown streets.
Tourists visiting Miami can safely reside in the following areas: Coconut Grove and Fisher Island.

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