Safest Cities in America to Work, Live and Visit

If you are thinking of moving to America, or you are simply planning a short trip, you might be concerned about your safety. Like most countries, there are parts of the US that are safer than other parts. If you are planning on moving by yourself then you are probably even more concerned about how safe the city is that you will be living in.
The following cities have been rated as the best to live, work and visit based on crime rates and statistics, as well as taking into account a number of factors that make them a good place to live:

Arlington (Virginia)

Arlington is rated as the safest place to live, although the house prices are more expensive than in most cities. The city has the sixth-highest median household income in the US. Although it is not too far from the capital Washington DC, Arlington has much less crime than the capital.

Ann Arbor (Michigan)

This city has a large percentage of young professionals and residents are considered to have moderate political views here, making it a city that is very diverse. The city’s main economy is technology and there are around 12,000 employees in the medical center, whilst it is also home to The University of Michigan.

Carlsbad (California)

One of the lesser known areas of California, Carlsbad is situated in San Diego County and is considered as one of the best places to live in California. The city is very child and family friendly, with beautiful beaches and a host of attractions such as Legoland and Sealife. Carlsbad is the 5th richest city in California.

Hillsdale (New Jersey)

If you want to live close to New York City then Hillsdale in New Jersey could be your best option, with the lowest crime rates for areas from the New York City Borough.

Hopkinton, Massachusetts

This small city has a population of just 17,348 and has a violent crime rate of 0%. Property crime is 3.401 per 1000 properties. Just 30 miles from Boston, the headquarters for Dell is here.

Ridgefield, Connecticut

Another small city that has a 0% violent crime rate and a property crime rate of 4.378 per 1000. Lying in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, it is a very cultural area that is deemed to be very safe in terms of crime rates.

Roseville (California)

Another safer area of California is Roseville, which is formerly a railroad town. The Westfield Galleria at Roseville makes it a very popular shopping destination and Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the second biggest employer here, showing it is a largely technology focused economy. Healthcare company Kaiser Permanente is the biggest employer in the city.

Stats about US safest cities

  • 30% of America’s 100 safest cities are in New Jersey
  • 59% of the cities ranked as the safest had a median income over $100,000
  • 20% of the US’ safest cities were located in the Midwest.
If you are thinking of moving to the US then these places are all considered to be very safe, but you will probably need to consider other factors like the job market, cost of houses or renting, transport links etc.

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