Vaccination Passport Hawaii

Hawaii is a dream holiday destination for many people, but it has been off the cards for most travelers since the start of the health pandemic, when the US introduced travel restrictions to try and prevent the infection rates from increasing.

Fortunately, the cases in the US have significantly reduced from the peak levels they once were at and with the vaccination program being rolled out successfully, both in the US and in many other countries, the US has been able to relax some of the travel restrictions, so that foreign citizens can travel to places like Hawaii to enjoy a holiday, or to see relatives again.

The US has been reviewing infection rates in different countries around the world to determine whether it is safe for them to enter the US, or whether infection rates in the country pose a threat to the US. Prior to the COVID-19 vaccination being available, other requirements such as taking a COVID-19 test prior to travel and going into quarantine on arrival in the US were in place for most travelers entering the US.

Now that so much progress has been made with the vaccination roll out, the US authorities have been working on solutions to allow travelers to safely enter the country again to boost tourism. You can now have a vaccination passport Hawaii if you have had the required dosage of an approved vaccination, if you are from a country permitted under the US travel rules.

How does the vaccination passport Hawaii work?

The vaccination passport is an official document that shows that the traveler has had their COVID vaccination. It includes information such as when the vaccination was received and which type of vaccination it was.

What else will I need to visit Hawaii?

As well as having your vaccination passport in Hawaii, you will also be required to have the Hawaii Health and Travel form, which you can complete online.

Applying for an ESTA

You will also require an ESTA or visa to enter the US. If you are a citizen of a country that is in the visa waiver program then you are eligible to apply for an ESTA, which is a faster and easier way to obtain travel authorization to visit the US. As long as your purpose for visiting the US is for tourism, business, medical or transit and you will not be staying for longer than 90 days, the ESTA will be sufficient for your trip to Hawaii and anywhere else in the US.

Applying for the ESTA is a simple process, you just need to complete an online form and pay your application fee. The US Transportation Security department screens every applicant to check whether they pose a security threat to the US, and if the checks do not flag any concerns, the ESTA is approved usually within a few hours. Once the ESTA is approved, it is electronically linked to the traveler’s passport and will be valid for two years, or until the passport expires, whichever is the earliest date.

There are so many reasons to visit Hawaii, whether you are looking for a beach holiday, watersports activities or to explore tropical rainforests. Now with the vaccination passport in Hawaii, there is more chance to turn your dream trip into a reality.


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