Things To Do in Hawaii and How to Apply for ESTA

What an amazing holiday destination Hawaii is! If you are thinking about making a trip to Hawaii then you are unlikely to be disappointed as it is one of the most beautiful places in the US to visit. Hawaii is an island located in the South Pacific Ocean and is the biggest island out of the group of Hawaiian Islands.
Hawaii is often described as a paradise island, filled with beautiful beaches and volcanic mountains. With warm weather for most of the year, it makes a great holiday destination for those who like sunshine breaks and also for those who have a sense of adventure.

Top Attractions in Hawaii

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Waikiki Beach is a top tourist spot and you will find plenty of sunbathers heading there on hot days. There are plenty of watersports activities here and the Waikiki Historic Trail is a great way to see the area.
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The famous Pearl Harbor is another big tourist attraction and the USS Arizona Memorial is open to visitors who are interested in finding out more about this major part of American war history. There are WWII aircrafts and artefacts to see, as well as the remains of the sunken ship.
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Waimea Canyon State Park offers another breathtaking experience, with stunning scenery to take in along the ten-mile length of the canyon. Sometimes referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, the views are amazing and there are beautiful waterfalls that you will find if you take one of the guided tours. Hikers love this area for exploring some of the more advanced trails.
Volcanoes National Park is a fascinating visit, with an active volcano where you get to see the geographic wonders such as hot lava seeping out of the volcano.
There are also some great spots for snorkelling and diving. The Manta Ray Night Dive is an experience not to be missed for the diving enthusiasts and offers something that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Working in Hawaii

The population of Hawaii is quite small compared to some of the big US destinations so working opportunities can be limited. The majority of work is tourist and hospitality based, with plenty of hotels, restaurants, watersports centers to try to get work at.
If you want to head to Hawaii for work or just to see this fantastic destination for yourself then the first thing you should do is apply for an ESTA. This is part of the Visa Waiver Program that grants permission to visit the US for a period of up to 90 days.
You can apply for the ESTA using the online form and you will get a response quickly in regards to whether your application has been successful. Without some form of visa, you will not be able to enter the US so make sure that you get your ESTA if you do not have another form of authorization to visit the US for your trip to Hawaii.