ESTA for Las Vegas, Nevada: Visa Requirements & Application

See the Sights of Las Vegas by Applying for an ESTA

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Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the world and is known as one the ultimate party destinations. For those who love to play roulette or poker, the 24-hour casinos are a real attraction to come to Vegas. Nothing is understated in Las Vegas, with flashing lights and hotels that are more like mini cities. Las Vegas is often referred to as Sin City due to the type of entertainment that is available. However, there is plenty to do if you are visiting Vegas besides trying to win big.
If you love shows and live singers then the Las Vegas Strip is the perfect place to catch the Cirque du Soleil or world class artists such as Celine Dion, Elton John and Mariah Carey. Another huge attraction in the area is the Grand Canyon and a helicopter ride that takes you into the famous canyon is recommended.

Top Attractions in Las Vegas

visit Las Vegas with ESTAvisit Las Vegas with ESTA

Venetian Hotel

The Venetian Hotel is one of the most fascinating hotels in Las Vegas and is a scaled down version of Venice, even down to the gondolas and replicas of the Bridge of Sighs.
visa for Las Vegasvisa for Las Vegas

The Paris Hotel

The Paris Hotel is perfect if you want a taste of the French capital and you can spot the replica Eiffel Tower for miles. You can enjoy panoramic views of the city from the observation deck at the top of the Vegas version of the Eiffel Tower.
Las Vegas visaLas Vegas visa

The Bellagio

The Bellagio is renowned as the top place to stay if you are looking for the full Las Vegas experience. Home to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, Botanical Gardens and a stunning fountain display, it is one of the best hotels to stay at if your budget stretches to it.

Do I need a visa for Las Vegas?

If you are travelling to Vegas from outside of the US then you will need to check your visa requirements, depending on the country you are travelling from and your citizenship. If you are a citizen of one of the countries that are in the Visa Waiver Program then you can arrange a Las Vegas visa through an ESTA, which is for tourism and business trips to the US. Purposes of travel that apply with an ESTA include holidaying, attending a business convention or meeting, visiting relatives and to take part in amateur sports events.
If you are a citizen from a country that is not part of the Visa Waiver Program, then you will require another form of visa relevant to the purpose of your trip. Canadian citizens do require a TN visa to visit the US directly from Canada. Anyone who is wishing to work in Las Vegas would need to acquire an employment visa to enable them to do so.

How to apply for an ESTA for Las Vegas

Applying for an ESTA Las Vegas is easy and can be done in just ten minutes. You will need to have your passport details and ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months. You will also need to have a valid email address and a debit or credit card to pay the application fee for the ESTA.
The online form simply runs through a set of questions such as your name, address, date of birth, as well as questions related to medical health and criminal convictions. The answers to these questions will determine whether you are eligible to enter the US with an ESTA. It is very important that you take time to check over the details you provide in the ESTA form, as a small error could lead to your ESTA being refused. You may need to reapply for your ESTA which will delay your application and possibly affect your travel plans. One of the questions asks for details of your trip but if you do not have those details, you can add them later on.

Do children need an ESTA?

Every individual travelling to Las Vegas will require their own separate ESTA, this includes babies and children making the trip. A unique ID number will be issued for each ESTA.

How long does it take to get a visa for Las Vegas?

The process for applying for an ESTA is usually very quick and you will receive a response within a few days but often even sooner. However, if there are any issues with the application then it can take longer if you need to resubmit your application or apply for a visa instead.
If you are applying for a Las Vegas visa, e.g. a US tourist visa then the process is longer than for the ESTA. You will be required to attend an interview at your US Embassy in order to process your visa and the waiting times to get an appointment can delay your application. It is a good idea to apply for your visa in plenty of time before you intend on travelling to Las Vegas or anywhere else in the US.

How long does an ESTA stay valid for?

When you apply for your ESTA it is valid for 2 years from the day that it is issued, provided that your passport is still valid in that time. The ESTA is electronically attached to your passport, so if your passport expires before the two year period is over, your ESTA is no longer valid. You would need to apply for a new ESTA when you renew your passport.
If your passport remains valid for those two years, you can make multiple trips to the US and Las Vegas using ESTA over the two years.
How long can I stay in Vegas and US with ESTA?
The ESTA has a 90 day limit for visits to the US and you cannot stay longer than that in one trip. If you overstay the limit then it can affect your future applications for ESTA and possibly prevent you from visiting US again. If your ESTA expires whilst you are in the US then this is not an issue unless you overstay the 90 days limit, your ESTA is only required for entering the US and not for exiting the US.
Do criminal convictions affect visa for Vegas?
One of sections in the ESTA application concerns any previous criminal convictions. Different severity of convictions are considered when your ESTA for Las Vegas is reviewed. Your records will be checked on the criminal database to ensure that the correct information has been provided. There is no specific list of crimes that will lead to your application being declined and each application will be assessed individually.
McCarran Airport is the main place to fly to if you are visiting Las Vegas. Just 5 miles from Downtown Las Vegas, you can soon be at your hotel and starting to enjoy your trip instead of the long transfers you would face at many other US cities.
The next closest airport is Bullhead which is just over 70 miles away, or you could fly to the Grand Canyon Airport to visit there before you then head over to Las Vegas.
Job Opportunities
Las Vegas is all geared towards entertainment, so the majority of job opportunities are within hotels, casinos, bars and all other kinds of entertainment venues. If you are looking to find work in Vegas then you could apply for an ESTA that will give you authorization to work here for up to 90 days. An ESTA is a type of visa that forms part of the Visa Waiver Program to enable people from a set of countries to visit the US. You will require this if you do not have another type of visa for visiting the US.

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